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  • Where can I view the ingredients for Fashionista products?
    Each prouduct's list of ingredients is available in our online store. Click on a product photo or title to go to that product's detail page—there you'll find the ingredients, directions, and a detailed description.
  • Why vegan and organic formulas?
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  • How can my pet benefit from using Fashionista®?
    All Natural & Organic Formulas Moisturizes & Softens Your Pet’s Fur Vegan and Non-Toxic - No GMOs No Sulfates, Parabens, or Colorants No Animal Testing or Animal By-Products Nourishes & Protects Your Pet’s Skin
  • Why was Fashionista developed?
    The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.
  • What is Spina Organics?
    Spina Organics is Cute Sophia Loren's friend Mauro Spina's business in Beverly Hills, a master hair stylist, has expertly put together, evaluated, and fine-tuned this unique set of spa products specifically for our beloved pets and their unique needs. They feature gentle blends of vegan ingredients with cleansing, refreshing, and soothing properties. Each unique formula is complemented by natural extracts which enhance the natural beauty, health, and shine of your pet's coat. Mauro uses only the finest organic ingredients, botanical extracts, and essential oils from all over the world to develop his truly exceptional pet care products. As a result, each special blend leaves your pet's coat supple, healthy, lustrous, and beautifully soft. ​ Because of Mauro's expertise and our shared love for animals, all of our offerings are 100 % cruelty-free. They are guaranteed to contain no synthetic dyes, sulfates, paraben, phtalates, triclosan, pheno­xy­ethanol, polyethylene glycol, retinil palmitate, dimethicone, chlorides, quaternium-15, or potassium sorbate—all of which can have negative effects on your pet, including damage to the fur and skin. Our fur babies deserve nothing less than the best!
  • Is Cute Sophia's Fashionista just for dogs?
    The entire line of Cute Sophia's Fashionista® spa products can be used on all your pets, not just dogs! Our special formulas are tailored specifically for animal skin and fur, so your cat, shrew, rat, llama, and pot-bellied pig can enjoy their benefits, too!
  • Is Cute Sophia's Fashionista available at my local pet store or groomer?
    Cute Sophia's Fashionista is starting to pop up all over the place! If it's not yet available at your local pet store or groomer, send us an email with their information and we'll invite them to carry it. If they do, we'll send you a travel-size gift set as a token of our appreciation. In the meantime, you can always purchase some online and take it with you when you go to your favorite groomer!
  • How can I buy Cute Sophia's Fashionista® pet spa products?
    You can buy our pet spa products on this website's online store and at several pet stores and groomers across the country. If you'd like your local pet store or groomer to carry it, send their contact info to and we'll invite them to become a part of the Cute Sophia's Fashionista pet spa family!
  • Is Fashionista available for wholesale orders?
    Yes! Wholesale orders are a great way to enjoy a discount for ordering in larger quantities. Specially priced for groomers, pet boutiques, spas, gift shops, and other resellers, wholesale orders are also perfect for any pet owner who finds themselves needing more product than the average customer. Click here to learn more!
  • Do you have an organic certification?
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  • Can’t I just use human shampoo on my pets?
    You should never use human hair products on dogs. The pH balance is very different in dogs and using a human shampoo on them disrupts that balance, leaving your dog vulnerable to parasites, viruses, and bacteria. It also makes the dog’s skin feel dry and flaky, which in turn can lead to repeated scratching and abrasions. We recommend using spa products made specifically for a pet's skin and fur, like Cute Sophia's Fashionista!
  • What makes Fashionista special?
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